Executive Summary

The Free-Man Houses are a clean and sober living environment that is Christ centered and focused on recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, as well as many other kinds of addictions.


We have been serving the public in a way that helps to take the alcoholics and drug addicts from the streets and put them in a safe environment. As part of our mission we also have a prison ministry and a homeless ministry.


Released from prison, just coming off of that last high, out of work and no place to take a shower and clean up for that interview determined to change their life… this time.  Looking for a hand up - not a hand out.


In the Dallas area there are numerous half-way houses/ transitional living houses that claim a drug and alcohol free environment.  Houses that are across the street from the beer store or next door to the neighborhood crack house. 


No more than just a place to recycle… to clean up until the pull of the street is greater than the desire to stay clean. 


This ministry provides a safe place for re-entry back to society. If you have any client’s in need of our kind of assistance please call us.


Our Mission


To provide a Christ-centered, clean and sober residence for men in a safe neighborhood, extending a hand-up … not a hand-out.


The Free-Man House is here to offer help to the man who wants help, not the man who needs help. The primary goal of The Free-Man House is to provide a desirable residence. A place to live that is removed from the neighborhoods he doesn’t seem to be able to climb out of on his own. Our commitment is to create and maintain an environment that is free from the influence of drug trafficking, violence, and poverty.

We will achieve this by encouraging an atmosphere of accountability to one another and the community. By God’s mercy and grace we will provide a home for our brothers.  A house where they are able to find a safe haven… a place where they are content and pleased to call there own… without shame or fear they are free to invite family and friends to their home.

We at The Free-Man House will abide in and keep our focus on Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  We will diligently strive to bring residents to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  We will mentor and disciple them in their walk with Him, and grow them into a place where they can “give it back.”




Troy Freeman is the founder and Executive Director of The Free-Man House, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Christ centered sober living house.


Troy started The Free-Man House in 2007 with one house that was donated by a pastor. He met this pastor while in the Texas prison system for the seventh time. Troy had a vision to be involved in a ministry that was willing to help those less fortunate than himself. He found it hard to believe there were less fortunate people than himself, but there were those who had not found the love of Jesus Christ.


Convinced that he could become a ministry leader, Troy founded The Free-Man House, which now operates eight houses in Dallas, Texas and has its sites set on expansion to surrounding counties near Dallas.


The Free-Man House ministry is commited to helping the homeless and those who have few or no choices after release from prison or treatment centers.


Welcomed into the fold and under the sheparding of Troy and The Free-Man House, each resident is provided a place to call home and to live in recovery for as long as they need.


But his vision did not end with only a place to live and recover.


Continuing his work as a leader, Troy discovered that he also has a servant's heart and has gone to any length to help anyone who asked, all in the name of Jesus Christ.


Troy Freeman
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